Happy Family Fellowship

快樂家庭團契是由一羣有家室的弟兄姊妹所組成的。因為神的愛使我們走在一起﹐神使我們心裏快樂﹐所以我們取名為”快樂家庭團契”。我們每個月都有聖經分享﹐在小組裏﹐弟兄姊妹一起分享自己的感想﹐這使我們更認識神的愛。此外﹐我們還有小小組﹐目的是帶著初信主的弟兄姊妹親近主和認識主更多。當弟兄姊妹有需要時﹐我們會為他們代禱﹐互相支持﹐充份表現弟兄姊妹之情。至於傳福音方面﹐大家都有共同的心志﹐就是將神的大愛傳揚開去﹐將福音傳給成年人﹐故此我們每隔兩個月便會舉辦一些活動來聯絡未信主的朋友。例如﹕福音影碟欣賞、郊遊、聚餐等等 ﹐使大家能夠透過各種活動而互相了解﹐用我們的見證去影響身邊的朋友。

Happy Family Fellowship is a group of married Christians. We have come together because of God’s love. Because of the happiness and delight from God, our group is called “Happy Family Fellowship”. In our fellowship, Bible study group takes place once every month, so that brothers and sisters can share their insights. Through sharing together, we are able to better our knowledge of the Bible as well as our relationship with God. We also have small cell group once a while to shepherd and to lead new believers. That is to build a strong relationship with God and to have a solid foundation with His Words. Moreover, when we experience hardship in life, not only that we know God will walk us through it, but also we have brothers and sisters’ support with prayers. On the other hand, we have special events every two months which aim to connect with non-believers. For example, we have gospel movie night, outdoor picnic, pot-luck gathering, etc. Our relationship with friends, brothers and sisters gets closer and closer through those activities. We spread God’s love not only through the Bible, but also through our personal testimony and experience with God.


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